Lavender Essential Oil - 11 ml
Lavender Essential Oil - 11 ml
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Lavender Essential Oil - 11 ml

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A blend of the finest Lavender essential oils from our partner farm network. 


Add a few drops of essential oil to a diffuser or on a pillow/tissue to scent the room. Also mix with a carrier oil for application to the skin.

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Lavandula angustifolia (“English Lavender”) is a perennial evergreen plant native to the central and western regions of the northern Mediterranean.

Wild plants are typically found in south-facing mountainous areas on poor, rocky soil where there are few faster-gowing competitors.

Lavender has numerous purple flowers that grow from terminal spikes (stalks) from the dense green-grey foliage below.

The purple-grey calyx is tubular and covered in hair among which lie the shiny oil glands.

Scent Profile




"A sweet, floral-herbaceous refreshing odor with a pleasant, balsamic-woody undertone. An almost fruity-sweet topnote is of a very short life"

"Not rough or harsh like the aspic or lavandin oils, but represents an individual type of lavender which is obviously appreciated in the country where it is a common garden plant, and where its fragrance is well-known and very popular."

- Steffen Arctander

Perfume and Flavor Materials of Natural Origin (1960)

Lavender adds a herb-y note – but interestingly, by adding it to other fragrance notes you can push it towards ‘cool’ herb-y, towards the smell of mint, or you can go in the other direction and push it towards ‘hot’ herb-y, almost spicy, like the scent of a hot summer’s night.

- Julie Massé


Constituent Compounds



Lavender essential oil has been found to be effective in reducing anxiety, restlessness and agitation.


Inhalation of lavender essential oil is a safe, low-cost use for insomnia.


Inhalation of lavender oil is effective in decreasing depressed mood.

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