Classic, Cologne
Classic, Cologne

Classic, Cologne


30 ml.

Unisex Oriental Fougere Fragrance.

Made in Scotland.

Contains Lavender, Rosemary, Sage and Lemon Balm from our farm.

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Unisex Oriental Fougere

A modern take on a classic lavender fragrance.

The essential oils from our specially grown plants create a depth otherwise impossible with lesser quality ingredients.

The opening - a fresh burst of Calabrian Bergamot - is gracefully uplifted with a crisp touch of our specailly cultivated lemon balm.

The heart - our Lavender and Rosemary accords - from nine specially grown varieties surfaces smoothly through the citrus opening.

The mellowing herbaceousness gives way to a soft hug of warm spices from our pure cinnamon bark, cardamom and clove bud - adding further depth to the fragrance.

Bulgarian Rose Otto and Tunisian Neroli form a soft floral blanket around the spices wherein the fragrance lies for some time.

As the heart finally fades, one is left comforted by the deep full scents of Sandalwood, Vanilla and Patchouli.

Principal Ingredients

These ingredients make up approximately 90% of the perfume.

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Our exclusive lavender accord

We have specially selected, grown and distilled five varieties of Lavender and Lavandin to encompass the Lavender accord in our perfume.

By maintaining control over all aspects of the essential oil, we can ensure the Lavender scent complements perfectly both the citrus-bergamot opening and the warm spicy heart.

Calming and Assured

Our fragrances harness the aromatherapeutic properties of their component plants. With our Classic perfume, the calming qualities of Lavender and Rose Otto rests alongside the more confident properties of Fine Bergamot and Rosemary.

Plant Based Eau de Parfum

Our handcrafted fragrances use extremely high quality natural ingredients which are either grown on site or from partner farms who share our commitment for quality and sustainable agriculture.


Our Unique Process

Grown & Distilled in Scotland

We grow and distil specialist varieties of aromatic crops to an exceptional quality.

Our long-established tradition of agricultural excellence.

Bespoke Growers Network

Our exclusive network of partner essential oil growers & distillers provide us with ingredients of unparalleled purity and traceability. 

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Classic, Cologne

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