Lavender Fine - French -  Essential Oil - 8 ml

Lavender Fine - French - Essential Oil - 8 ml

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Lavandula angustifolia 'Fine' .

From the Drôme Departmente of South Eastern France.

8 ml.

High Altitude Lavender

High altitude lavender from France is typically grown in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence region of France. The typical altitude is at least 1600 feet.

The cool climate, unique soil conditions and the relatively low boiling point lead to a distinctly lighter oil with pronounced floral notes. The oil also contains a relatively high ester count.

Farming Lavender at a High Altitude in France

High altitude lavender is found typically in areas with undulating plateaus and large open spaces with relatively infertile soil, such as the Velensole plateau.

The climate typically involves dry, intensely hot summers with infrequent - yet heavy - rainfall throughout the year. Winters can be relatively harsh.

Scent Profile



Slightly Camphorous



Lavender essential oil has been found to be effective in reducing anxiety, restlessness and agitation.


Inhalation of lavender essential oil is a safe, low-cost use for insomnia.


Inhalation of lavender oil is effective in decreasing depressed mood.

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