Opening again this Summer 2023!

Nourishing Lavender Essential Oil Soap

Type: Soap

Restore your peace of mind and wellbeing with our original and best Lavender Essential Oil Soap. Our all-natural Soap Bar is the perfect, relaxing companion to a stress-free home. Hand crafted onsite using high quality ingredients, we know you'll appreciate all the benefits the soap bar offers.

Organic sugar provides an opaque tint and allows for natural nourishment and pampering of your skin that leaves it feeling silky smooth and hydrated. For those with dry or sensitive skin, rest assured that our soaps are SLS-free and contain no harsh chemicals. The pleasant surprise comes in the form extra special lavishness provided by lavender essential oils, giving a sweet yet herbaceous scent that allows for heightened senses of relaxation and ease.

Our products further emphasizes its commitment to health and wellness through its plant based formula free of animal derived surfactants or MPG which ensures that your body only absorbs what it needs from the ingredients available . Plus, you don't have to worry about toxins! With a hefty weight of 110g, let yourself indulge in the supreme goodness of a better living at home with our one-of-a kind Lavender Nourishing Soap Bar created here on our farm - because we know trust and wellbeing is worth investing in!