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Welcoming Pink-footed Geese to the Farm

Welcoming Pink-footed Geese to the Farm

Welcoming Pink-footed Geese to the Farm

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Every October, we welcome tens of thousands of pink-footed geese for the winter to feed. Following their brief summer in Iceland, they take flight towards the British Isles via the Faroe Islands. We are delighted that Loch Leven is one of their primary destinations.

Goose flight path from Iceland to Loch Leven
Their seasonal migration to Scotland via the Faroe Islands.

Every morning we are treated to the spectacle of their flying overhead towards fields on which to graze and feed. In the evenings, we see them fly back again towards to the loch.

As our farm runs adjacent to the loch, we are fortunate to host them in our fields.

The noise as they return home to the loch every evening is just spectacular. 

Their flight path every morning and evening.

Here's a video we took in the late afternoon as the geese fly back towards the loch for the night.

We're proud to have a zero tolerance approach to blood sports on our farm. We wish to protect these extraordinary birds for generations to come.