Progressive & Sustainable farming lies at the heart of our work. 

We work to leave our local area in a better place for future generations to enjoy.

Instead of signing up for expensive certifications, we prefer to take a more direct approach. 

Each year, we work on a range of ambitious projects to improve and diversify our farm.

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Case Study

Tarhill Farm Lochan

Thanks to the generosity of our visitors, we have created a safety cordon for target species to thrive without the risk of predation.

1920s- 2017

Since the 1920’s Tarhill Farm accommodated the hatchery facility for the production of Loch Leven Trout for release into Loch Leven and for further markets.

The facility at Tarhill was substantially increased during the 1980’s but due to a range of environmental and commercial considerations the plant was closed in the 2010s. 

The redundant fish ponds comprised a series of large holding lagoons and supply channels with existing
drains and outflow channels.


Thanks to the generous public interest in our work, we were able to develop a plan to re-purpose the abandoned lagoons.

The plan consisted of a one acre lochan with suitable islands to provide secure nest sites for target bird species.

Redundant earth material was to be used to create a bunding to shield nesting birds from dogs on the nature trail.

2018 onwards

The lagoons were merged together and successfully re-flooded. 

We planted a series of willow trees along the Eastern boundary to provide a wind shelter.

The lochan provides an invaluable habitat for native species.

A family of mallards in the lochan.

A swan nesting on the lochan.