In 2015, we planted 8,000 lavender plants along the banks of the Loch Leven National Nature Reserve. We wanted to create a peaceful environment that would be protected from the effects of high-intensity arable farming.  

An abundance of natural wildflowers and shrubs soon reclaimed the area around the fields. Many hares, roe deer and a variety of birds also returned. Our experience demonstrated to us the possibilities of farming in balance with the natural environment.

We now grow a range of plants alongside our lavender, including rosemary and peppermint. We use natural techniques for cultivation and set aside a considerable area of high-quality land for rewilding.

Our sophisticated in-house quality control regime allows us to draw supplies from accredited partner farms when seasonality demands.  

We are immensely fortunate to live at a time when the natural goodness of plants can be harvested and extracted easily. We also strive to play our part in protecting our local environment for generations to come.


We are part of Tarhill Farm which is based along the north side of the Loch Leven National Nature Reserve.

Love and passion for nature.

We take pride in working the land sustainably: in balance with the natural ecosystem.

Loch Leven is one of Scotland's most important natural assets. The area is carefully managed and protected to ensure ecological diversity. The area is designated as a Ramsar site, a SSSI and a SPA.


In harmony with nature.

The full goodness of plants can only be achieved with ethical farming techniques.

Every product is produced sustainably and in harmony with its natural environment.  

Our farm in Scotland adheres to the highest possible ethical standards. We hand-select our partner farms according to our own strict standards as fellow growers and distillers.

By combining our shared sustainable vision with our agricultural expertise, we guarantee you the purest possible product. 


Transparency is crucial to us.

We offer guided tours of our distillery so you can see behind the scenes.

Discover the fragrant rows of lavender, rosemary and mints.

Enjoy the scents and colours of our natural herb garden

Opening Summer 2021.