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Scotland's Lavender Farm

Welcome to our Family Farm!

We are proud of our work here in Kinross and place sustainability at the forefront of all our activities. Send us an email or Instagram message as we are always delighted to talk about our work.

Scottish Lavender

Situated in the heart of Central Scotland's Kinross-shire countryside, Scotland's Lavender Farm is a symbol of agricultural excellence and professionalism. Our farm's primary endeavor is the cultivation of lavender for the extraction of premium essential oils, a critical component of our perfume brand, St Andrews Perfumery.

Tarhill Farm

At the core of Scotland's Lavender Farm is a profound dedication to sustainable farming practices. Our rewilding project is more than an initiative; it's a principle that underscores our commitment to responsible, ethical agriculture and environmental stewardship. This philosophy extends to every aspect of our operations, ensuring that our contributions to ecology and the community are both meaningful and enduring.

Growing Aromatic Plants

Though we grow mainly different types of Lavender, we also grow and distil herbs such as Rosemary, Clary Sage, Mints, and Chamomile. Our essential oils are used in our aromatherapy products and in our perfumes, St Andrews Perfumery.

A Family-Run Farm

Rory skillfully oversees our essential oil production, creating each perfume with a commitment to quality that reflects the farm's pristine environment. He also manages all cropping, the herb program, and visitor days. Our operations benefit greatly from Graham Irwin's dedication to ecological and sustainability initiatives. He focuses on groundskeeping, rehedging efforts, and supporting ground-nesting birds and hares, ensuring our farm operations contribute positively to the local ecosystem and broader environmental goals.