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Scottish Lavender – 50 ml – Scottish Aromatic Perfume

£40.00 GBP
Type: Perfume

Introducing Scottish Lavender, a fragrance that represents a decade of dedication and passion. Crafted with lavender meticulously cultivated on our farm beside the tranquil Loch Leven in Kinross-shire, this perfume is a homage to the art of fragrance making. Blessed by the long daylight hours unique to this region, our lavender fields produce an oil that is unmatched in quality. Each drop, extracted using traditional copper alembic stills, encapsulates the essence of purity and potency, offering a scent that is both timeless and innovative.

Containing our full range of Lavender essential oils – from 7 different varieties, as well as our own Clary Sage, Peppermint, Spearmint, and Hyssop. 

Notes of Kinross Lavender, Moss, Floral Notes and Green Notes.