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Updated Tour Schedule

1 August - 12 and 2

2 August - 12 and 2

3 August - 11, 1 and 3

4 August - 11, 1 and 3

5 August - 11 and 1

6 August - 11, 1 and 3

7 August - 11, 1 and 3

Please note there will be a smaller tour at 3pm on Saturday due to family circumstances.

There is no need to book the tour in advance. Entry is included as part of your day ticket.

Day Tickets can be purchased on the gate - pre-booked tickets will be given priority in busy times.

Farm Gates open:

Weekend: 10-5

Weekday: 11-5

Scotland's Lavender Showcase!

Bring a Picnic!

We have a dedicated picnic marquee! Bring your favourite rug and some snacks. We have free tea bags so bring some hot water in a flask and some mugs.

Daily Tours

Daily tours - See Updated Tour Schedule on Website Home Page. Included in your day pass. No need to book in advance. Visit the distillery and the perfumery.

Opening Times

From 1 July

Monday - Friday: 11-5

Saturday & Sunday: 10-5

Only Open for 5 Weeks

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Distillation Experience

Learn the art of lavender distillation and create your own high-quality lavender essential oil and hydrosol with guidance from our expert instructors, using our traditional copper alembic stills.

Daily at 11 am
£99 / Still (up to 2 adults)

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Day Pass

Visit Scotland's Lavender Farm and learn how we distil our lavender into essential oils for use in our perfumery.

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Over 15,000 visitors since 2015!

Cannot recommend highly enough.

Angus Macloed

I am a massive lavender lover and being here today made my day. Smells amazing and was so peaceful. Got some lovely products. The staff were so friendly.

Julia Tait

The field is beautiful, staff very friendly and helpful.

Stefan Bielski

Everyone was really friendly, helpful and happy to chat about their work.

Yao Yahui

Had an amazing time making my perfume today!

Marina Nobile

Essential Oils, Tours, & More!

Visit the only lavender farm in Scotland! Enjoy essential oil distillation demonstrations, tours of the fields and gardens, and more. Shop for lavender products online.

We believe in doing things with transparency. That's why every summer we invite everyone to take a peek at our Scottish Lavender Farm! Come see behind the scenes and get a unique look at our process - you won't want to miss it!


Essential oils have been used for centuries to improve mental and physical health! We believe that plants should play a major role in our everyday wellness journey. Get ready to explore the amazing benefits of natural wellbeing with us!