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Scotland's Festival of Scent.

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1 The Finest Natural Aromatics.

Growing & sourcing the finest essential oils & natural products.

2 Expertly Grown & Distilled. 

Exclusively grown & distilled in our aromatic farm and through our dedicated partner farms.

3 Delivered Directly to you!

Connecting you to the growers & distillers.

Safe Payment

Ecological Packaging

Family Run

Personal Advice

Our Guarantee for Quality.

Transparent and sustainable workflows.

Fine cultivation, careful harvesting and gentle manufacturing.

 Respecting nature and wellbeing.


Traceable Plant-based Eau de Parfum

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Natural, Handmade & Premium

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Essential Oils.

Pure essential oils

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Wellness Blends

Plant-Based Aromatherapy Blends

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A range of support services to the aromatherapy and essential oil industries. 

Our network covers agriculture, fragrances, product regulations and laboratory testing. 

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We are fascinated by the relationship between essential oils, aromatherapy, wellness and science. 

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Olfactory Library

 80% of commercially available “pure” essential oils are adulterated in some way. As a third-party lab, we have found this to be true of most aromatic plant products. Our mission is to provide clients with a reliable source for verifying product purity.

Utilizing the latest techniques and scientific equipment, we perform a number of tests to verify consistency in aromatic plant chemical profiles and to detect contamination and/or adulteration.