Welcome to our Family Farm

Bring a Picnic

We have a dedicated picnic marquee! Bring your favourite rug and some snacks. We have free tea bags so bring some hot water in a flask and some mugs.

Daily Tours

Included in your day pass. No need to book in advance.

Tickets and Experiences

Lavender Distillation 101: A Hands-On Workshop

Join our artisanal distillation workshop and learn how to craft your own lavender essential oil and hydrosol, using traditional techniques and our high-quality lavender grown on our farm.

Daily £99/ Still (1 or 2 people)

Day Ticket

Discover the secrets of Scotland's Lavender Farm and learn about our artisanal distillation process, which transforms our fragrant lavender into high-quality essential oils for use in our exclusive perfumery.

Tour included

From £3.99

Scottish Lavender Oils

Get ready for a fun, exciting adventure to Scotland’s only lavender field!

Scotland's Lavender Showcase! Only Open for 5 Weeks Every Year

So what are you waiting for?

Come join us at the lavender farm!

1000s of Happy Visitors

Lovely to be out in the open air

Cannot recommend highly enough

I am a massive lavender lover and being here today made my day. Smells amazing and was so peaceful. Got some lovely products. The staff were so friendly

Everyone was really friendly, helpful and happy to chat about their work

The field is beautiful, staff very friendly and helpful

An Unforgetable Experience

Scotland's Most Photographed Field!

Only open for 6 weeks every summer.

Then there is our herb garden with its sweet aromas that will fill your nose with delight. Take a deep breath in and let the scents of rosemary, thyme, sage, basil and more transport you into another world.

It's truly an olfactory experience like no other!

Herb Garden

Access to our beautiful wildflower meadow with its array of vibrant colours that will brighten your day.

Here you can take a leisurely stroll and admire all the different types of wildflowers that call this place home. You might just find something new and unexpected when looking around.