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Dried Blooms - Blend

£4.99 GBP

Take the calming scent of lavender and bring it into your home with dried Lavandula blooms!

Dried lavender has a number of benefits, from its ability to reduce stress and anxiety to its natural properties as a bug repellent.

Our mix of Lavandula Augustifolia and Lavandula X Intermedia are perfectly blended in each bag, containing approx. 20g; enough to fill even the largest laundry cupboard or closet. You'll feel the soothing power of this trust-inspiring scent when you open up any desired space and instantaneously feel your worries melt away.

Our high quality lavender blooms offer up an incredible aroma far beyond traditional store-bought products, so you can trust in us that your home will smell naturally wonderful and perhaps even improve your overall mood and wellbeing.

For those looking for natural ways to relax without taking remedies, look no further than these dried blooms for an experience which is completely beneficial for mind, body, & spirit!

Shop now to get your hands on some amazing lavender goodness and enjoy a truly calming atmosphere in any desired room or cupboard.

Not consumable.