Scottish agriculture is changing and we are playing our part.

We believe the future of farming is:

- Reliant on robust and ethical science-led innovation.
- Built on Scotland's global reputation for quality; and
- Delivering transparent and accountable solutions.


Understanding our Micro-Climate.

In order to achieve optimal results for the micro-climate at Tarhill Farm, we have commissioned our own met station in the centre of our fields.

This will allow us to monitor the following key climatic variables:

- Sunlight intensity
- Air temperature
- Wind speed and prevailing wind direction


Industry-Leading Monitoring Equipment

The met station uses a combination of Vector Instruments wind monitoring equipment with solar and temperature sensors monitored by twin Campbell Dataloggers.

The data is then cleaned and superimposed on a high-detail topological map of our farm.


Science-Led Approach to Husbandry and Oil Distillation. 

We use the results from our trial plots and from the met station to inform the optimal variety of plants for the different soil types on the farm. Working with our trade partners we have overwintered a range of peppermint and rosemary.

During 2021 we will be expanding the research programme to include studies of traditional European herbs and their ability to adapt to the changing climatic conditions we are experiencing in Scotland.