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Jura Rose – 50 ml – Scottish Rose Perfume

£40.00 GBP
Type: Perfume

Embrace the unique essence of Jura Rose, inspired by the wild beauty of the Isle of Jura. This Scottish Rose Perfume, crafted for both men and women, brings a modern twist to traditional femininity. Jura Rose is not just a scent—it’s an experience, inviting you on a journey through Scotland’s serene landscapes.

Containing our own Scottish Geranium and Mints.

Notes of Rose Petal, Frangipani, Floral Notes and Bergamot.

Pellegrini Irwin

The plants we grow and oil we distil on the farm are used in our perfume brand, Pellegrini Irwin.

Samples and more information for each perfume can be found on the Pellegrini Irwin website.

Pellegrini Irwin