£60  |  Unisex Oriental Fougere.

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£60  |  Unisex Aromatic Fougere.

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Years of expertise in each bottle. 

Availability Limited by our annual harvest.

World Excellence in Cultivation of Rare Ingredients.

We research and grow rare varieties of plants that complement our perfumes and are otherwise commercially unavailable. 

Expertly Steam-Distilled in Copper

Our copper alembic stills are specially designed for the distillation of fine aromatic materials. 

Blended by Hand in Scotland

We number each bottle and provide full tracking abilities for each key ingredient in the perfume.

Made in Scotland.

Blending only the purist natural ingredients.

Our specially blended accords contribute towards the splendid richness of our perfumes.

We source scents from throughout our exclusive network of small-scale artisan growers and distillers. 

Sustainably Made

By farming in harmony with nature, we ensure the exception purity of our plant-based raw materials.


We issue only a small number of bottles each year.

Our Bespoke Traceability Platform

Each bottle is allocated a unique code which can be easily input into our traceability platform.


Trace the key fragrance ingredients from farm to bottle.

Track the distillation process.

Understand the natural oils that make up the perfume and their origins.

Explore the type and history of the perfume.