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Lavandin Essential Oil - 10 ml

£9.99 GBP

LOOK AND FEEL GREAT - with our natural lavandin essential oil! Distilled from the flowers, this oil is perfect for creating a sense of wellbeing and helping you to relax and sleep better.

HELPING TO MAKE SUSTAINABLE LIVING EASIER - Our Lavandin Essential Oil is sustainable, meaning that it's guilt-free and kinder to the environment. You can feel good about using it knowing that you're doing your bit. We work with trusted partner farms who adhere to the same environmental standards that we do!

REDUCE ANXIETY AND STRESS - The floral scent of lavandin essential oil is known to help calm the senses, reducing anxiety and stress levels. Drift off into a peaceful sleep after using this oil!

Experience a sense of trust and wellbeing when you treat yourself to a product as real, pure, and sustainable as our lavandin essential oil.

Get a peaceful night’s sleep without the use of any harsh chemicals with this oil’s natural aromatherapy properties. The pleasant smell of lavandin is said to aid in relaxation, reduce anxiety, and relax the body and mind - perfect for those looking to find total peace.

In addition to its incredible aroma, this essential oil can also be used as a natural solution to combat pesky insects or freshen up stale laundry.

Importantly, the harvesting process is committed entirely to sustainability practices; giving you top-notch quality that puts our planet first. Invest in true restorative wellness today with lavandin essential oil!