Farming Sustainable in Scotland

  • We're featured in TimeOut!

    We're featured in TimeOut! We very much look forward to opening in a few weeks when the lavender begins to bloom.
  • Young Lavender Folgates are ready to be planted.

    Young lavenders are out basking in the sun hardening off for planting next month.
  • Scottish Lavender Oils Lochan

    Our private Lochan is a peaceful place for wildlife to thrive. Read more about our sustainability work here.
  • New Meadow!

    One more step for sustainability! We’re creating another permanent meadow for wild plants and animals. 
  • Young Mints

    The young mints catching some sunshine in this lovely weather. They include our Scottish Peppermint, Spearmint, Eau de Cologne, Gingermint, and Cho...
  • Young Lavender Plants

    Our young lavenders enjoying a shower now that the temperature is rising. They’ll spend about a couple more months in the poly tunnel before being ...
  • Adding the finishing touches to our bug hotel.

  • Trees, Trees, and More Trees !

    Another week of challenging weather but work here continues! We’re fencing off another stretch of land for woodland, containing a thicket of Haw...
  • Research at Scottish Lavender Oils

    Scottish agriculture is changing and we are doing our part.
  • Butterflies Influx - Throwback to Summer 2019

    Once every ten years, Scotland sees millions of painted lady butterflies arrive from the continent. We last saw such an influx in 2008 when approxi...
  • Welcoming Pink-footed Geese to the Farm

    Subscribe here for future updates. Email Address Every October, we welcome tens of thousands of pink-footed geese for the winter...
  • Mid-October Update

    We've been busy erecting a new polytunnel to house our lavender, rosemary and mint plants over the winter.