Research at Scottish Lavender Oils

Scottish farming is changing and we are playing our part.

The Scottish arable landscape is dominated by spring and winter barley, oilseed rape, potatoes and, in our region, some soft fruits. 

We must adapt to our changing climate and economy. Scottish farmers are in a unique position to build on our strong global reputation for quality produce and transparent operations.  

With sufficient care and attention, we believe that high quality botanical crops can be grown alongside traditional arable farming. To guide our work, we have recognised the need to understand our microclimate by Loch Leven. Through consistent monitoring, we can focus our attention on varieties of plant that will thrive with our long days and mild temperatures.

We have built and installed a weather station in the lavender to monitor the temperature, light intensity, wind direction and wind speed across our fields. We have been receiving good quality data and look forward to releasing our findings at the end of the year.