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Mid-October Update

Mid-October Update

Mid-October Update

The harvest may be over but work continues!

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We have been busy the last week constructing a polytunnel to house our young plants over the winter. Our long winter days and harsh winds from the loch mean we have to do everything we can to protect the young plants as the temperatures lower.

We put some thought into where exactly we would site the polytunnel. The main consideration is the strong winds we receive from the East and West (represented by the yellow arrows below).

The existing trees and farm buildings offer a good buffer and we have decided also to erect some wind tall wooden wind shields (blue lines on the map below). We settled on a clearing to the North of the the site just behind our distillery and workshop (in white on the map below).

polytunnel site wind at Tarhill Farm

See the "Before and After" after a few days' work.




We continue our work to improve the farm and the surrounding Kinross countryside. Growing more exotic plants and distilling their essential oil aligns much more with our way of life than traditional arable farming.

The polytunnel will house approximately 2,000 lavender plants, 3,000 rosemary, and 3,000 mint, of various sorts.

We'll update you on their progress in the next blog post!

The polytunnel is a certain improvement to the old asbestos-lined building from five years ago!